If you are a first-time driver or you have recently moved to the US, this article is for you. This article is to help you get your California driver’s license. The California DMV process can be complex. If you don’t know how to navigate the appointments, forms, and tests, you could be waiting a few months or more to get your driver’s license. This we will help you get your driver’s license in weeks, or less. Below are steps to Buy Real driver’s license as well as a few of our tips.


Applying for your California Driver’s License

Applying for your California Driver’s License
Applying for your California Driver’s License

After you make an appointment, No written tests are given . We’ll then need to fill out the Driver License Application (Form DL 44) which is not available online. Then we’ll need the following:

  • Provide proof of your Social Security number, such as your social security card
  • Provide proof of your full and true name. This can be an ID, Passport or any Travel document.
  • Provide a Passport size photo. The photo will be used on your drivers license for identification purposes.
  • Provide documents that prove your California residency or Address, which includes mortgage bill, utility bills, or rental / lease agreement signed by landlord.

If You’re Under 18 Years Old . . .

Young drivers will need to complete a few extra steps to get a license. For starters, you’ll be applying for a provisional permit. Getting a provisional permit requires a parent signature on the DL 44 in addition to the other documents noted above. If both parents have custody then both parents need to sign.

Another thing you’ll need is either a certificate of completion from a California driver education provider or proof that you are currently enrolled in a driver training. Behind-the-wheel training must consist of at least 50 hours of drive time. Ten of those hours have to be at night. Buy California driver’s license

An instructional permit isn’t valid unless you participate in driver training. During the permit period, you can’t drive alone. After six months of driving with another licensed California driver that’s 25 years old or older you can take the driving test to get a drivers license.

That’s it! Once you have completed all of the requirements and passed the driving test you’ll be issued a California drivers license. Now you’ll need to keep driving safe to avoid getting tickets or points on your license. If you do have a mishap attending California traffic school will get you back on track!

Need other California driver license help?

  • You do not need your parent or guardian’s signature.
  • You do not need to complete drivers ed or drivers training courses or submit any forms regarding this subject.
  • There will be no holding period for your instructional permit—you can apply for your drivers license the day after you receive a permit. However, you are strongly advised to practice driving before making driving test appointment with the DMV.
  • Restrictions posed by the GDL law will not apply to you when you obtain your drivers license.

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